Friday, August 26, 2011

Seven Months

Dear Lachlan,

Every month seems to go by quicker than the last. I could swear I was sitting here last week writing your half birthday update.

Im feeling tired today and getting a migraine so this will likely be short and sweet.

What a busy month you've had with your developments. The biggest is your new skill of sitting. You're still a little wobbly and a little too interested in other things and busy to concentrate on keeping your balance but you're getting it. A few times you've gone from laying to crawling position to sitting, which is pretty impressive. You're becoming more mobile and can scoot almost across the living room. You're able to get your entire chest off of the ground, get in crawling position, but fail to move from there. You have a half army crawl and use your arm as leverage to scoot yourself to get what you want.

We're working on eating more solids. You're not too keen on hard foods, like cheerios and puffs but enjoy gnawing on num-nums. Earlier in the month you would gag when anything of the sort would hit your tongue but you are getting better. You tried yogurt this last week and really enjoy both the banana and peach yogurt. You're not too fond of anything green - it is okay, I am not either. :)

Your sleeping has been really good for the most part; waking up around 430 to eat and going back to sleep until 630 or 7. A couple nights you've slept for 11 hours straight, not waking until morning time to eat. You have a few random nights here and there where you wake frequently throughout the night but they are hit and miss and far and few between. I appreciate that since I am the one home with you at night the majority of the time! Sometimes you fall asleep just from going in your crib and others you want to lay chest to chest and be rocked to sleep.

You really love daycare and love Tina. I think you're more excited to see her in the morning than you're ever glad to see me or daddy. Speaking of daddy, you're quite fond if him, his hat, his beard and his glasses. I would say right now you're more of a daddy's boy than a mommy's boy. When he comes home in the morning and we're eating breakfast, you turn your head when you hear the door open and watch for him. When you see him, you smile and squeal. It's nice that you're starting to show excitement when we come home from work or you haven't seen us for awhile.

You're starting to show an interest in everything around you making us realize how much trouble we are in once you're mobile and how un-babyproofed our house is! Im sure we will learn as we go, I just dont think it's necessary to proof everything when we dont know what you're going to be interested in discovering.

No teeth yet and I am convinced you'll never have any... maybe by your first birthday (which I need to start planning by the way)?

As always, I struggle with you growing up and seeming like anything but a "baby" in my eyes. Obviously you're still a baby (and will always be my baby boy) but you seem like such a big boy these days.. your independence is already shining through. I worry for the day where you won't let me kiss you anymore or won't want to sit on my lap and cuddle before bedtime. :( I know I have awhile to go and should just enjoy the time I have for now. You're a special little guy. I love you so very much.