Saturday, March 10, 2012

Twelve and Thirteen months (and then some)

Oh, dear Lachlan,

What a slacker of a mom I have been. Things have been really busy since the new year. We had company for almost 2 weeks in January and my schooling started up again so I have much less time on my hands. With you being a busy busy boy, I am often very tired and putting you to bed and hitting the books, and/or couch.

You started walking just before your first birthday and by the time you turned 13 months, you were running. You are a very busy boy, like to run, point at everything, be held and snuggle, give kisses and imitate animal sounds and other noises like sirens and trains. Your vocabulary is expanding and so far your words are: dada, mom, mama, doggy, bow-wow, meow, up, all done, hot, hat, cat, tree (chee), hi, yeah, more, elmo, no, and likely others that I am forgetting. Some words are a strech but we understand you. You're understand a lot - we can ask you to blow a kiss and you will, if we ask you if you want to take a bath you pull at your shirt and go for the stairs to go up to bathe, when we ask if you want to go "byebye" you go to the door, when we ask if you want a snack you go to the pantry and when you point at the stove you say hot. It's so neat to see your little brain working and to be able to communicate with and understand you.

We had an excellent first birthday for you. Both sets of grandparents came and lots of friends came as well. I put a lot of time and planning in to your party and couldn't have been happier with how it turned out. I do have to say, I was glad when it was over as it was stressful planning and hosting. :) I thought for sure that I would cry a lot at your party, especially when people were singing happy birthday to you. Turns out, I only cried when the first couple people showed up as it hit me that it was really happening. I definitely had my moments before your birthday. The night before your actual birthday I softly sang happy birthday to you and after you fell asleep, I went and sobbed in my bedroom. I cried the night of your actual birthday, too. In hindsight, I am not sure why I felt so emotional. I feel like perhaps somewhere in my head I thought it was the end to something. But, now that all is said and done, it was just the beginning to something else and in the end, I am just so happy and thankful to have you in my life, whether you are 11 months, 12 months or 12 years. No matter how old you are, you'll always be my first born and will always be my baby boy.

You've become quite the guy for routine. Every night between 6:50 and 7:10 you let us know you are ready for bed. We ask you if you're ready for a bath, you go upstairs and stand next to the tub (after running in and out of every room once or twice), start pulling at your clothes and then get in the bath. After a few minutes you stand up and try to crawl out, pointing to the sink where you brush your teeth. So, we brush your teeth and you let us know when you're done (most of the time) and we go in your room. You go to grab your brush and it has even got to the point where you lay down so I can put on your diaper without you running around while I attempt to diaper you! Then, we get a bottle (yes, we're still getting a bottle) and after you are done you usually point to your crib and you go in and don't make a peep! It's a pretty amazing thing. You are still waking up about once in the night and then you wake about 630-7am every day.

You're very into pointing at everything and you do this super cute thing where you point at something interesting or that you want, and then you turn your hand in and point at yourself with a curved finger - almost like you're saying, for me? You prefer walking rather than being in the stroller and are getting good about holding out your hand for us to hold it (well, sometimes - on your terms!).

Your eating is hit or miss. You don't like as many things that you used to like but you still have a pretty good spread in what you like. You're still not super keen on meat but you will eat it more often than you did before. We're still doing the bottle and hope to slowly wean that if you seem receptive at all to the idea. We may try that next weekend and see how that goes. Obviously you won't be 5 and still wanting a bottle, but still. We discovered that you really like strawberries. I had heard somewhere not to introduce strawberries until you were one so we waited. I think last weekend was the first time you really had strawberries. You may have had a bite here and there, but goodness, I bought a thing of strawberries and you probably ate 9 strawberries in one sitting; it was pretty intense. You also like eating rice krispies with milk for breakfast and still love your scrambled eggs.

You really enjoy books and will sit and flip through the pages by yourself if we are too busy or unable to read to you. But, you will bring books to me constantly and turn around to sit on my lap so I can read them to you. You like the same 3 or 4 books on repeat, but that is OK!

Some big news is that you had your first "surgery" this last month. We went in on March 6 and you had a frenectomy done in your mouth. When we went for a dentist check up it was confirmed that you had an attached frenulum (where your top lip meets your gums). It was optional of whether we wanted to do it or wait but they said that it would likely need to be done at some point, likely around 11 if we waited. After the research we did and our feelings on it, we decided to do it and get it out of the way. So, we had your frenulum snipped and stitched. Im sure by now the stitches have mostly dissolved out, but I am too scared to pull up your lip. It was a super traumatic experience for you, me and dad, but I'd rather not document the details here. The good thing is, after we came home and you took a three hour nap, you were good as gold. You woke up unphased by what happened and no one would've ever known what happened. I am so glad that we did it and that it is over and done with; no more worry about it. The bittersweet news that came along with finding out you had an attached frenulum was that it was likely the culprit of our failed breastfeeding. Of course, I cried. But, I just look at it like this, it gives me hope for next time and it allows me to release some of those negative feelings I held on to regarding myself and breastfeeding and failing as a mom. I know now that it likely wasn't me; I didn't give up too soon and it was out of my hands. Had we of known, you would've been snipped as an infant and your latch would've been so much better. But, it is what it is. I thought not breastfeeding you and giving you formula was the end of the world; obviously it wasn't. :)

You're an amazing little guy and we are truly lucky to have you. I will try to update more than every 2 months and maybe even more than every month. Perhaps they will be a different kind of entry but it will be something.

Happy belated birthday little guy. I love you so very much.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eleven Months

Dearest Lachlan,

It saddens me to write this month's blog as it is the last one before you turn one. I have no idea where the time went and I wish more than anything that I could slow time substantially. While it is a bittersweet journey, and even after eleven months of having you in my life, I still struggle immensely with the bitter part included with the sweet.

You struggled the last month with an ongoing ear infection. You ended up being on 3 rounds of antibiotic and we finally got rid of it on the 3rd round. However, we discovered that you are allergic (or likely allergic) to Penicillin. So, you won't be able to take any more until you are 4 and we are able to test you for specific allergies. So until then, you will be Penicillin free. I was so relieved to hear that you were ear infection free as I was worried that you would end up with tubes. While they're not the end of the world by any means, a mother still doesn't want to see her child go through any kind of pain.

Since the ear infection has gone away, you've become quite the vocal little guy. I had my suspicion that the ear infection went away because it seemed like over night you started saying more words and you started screaming (friendly and not so friendly screams) pretty often. As well, the laughs increased. You mimic a lot of sounds now and we are pretty sure you know who mama is and know who dada is. You will say "mamamamama" while crawling to me and you will point to daddy and say "dadadada". While we've been signing "all done" since you were very young, you have your own sign for "all done" where you open your mouth and make a fist, putting your hand in and out of your mouth. I believe that you're starting to say "up" and you're very vocal when you do not like something or you're not getting your way.

One of the greatest things of the last month is how much of a cuddler you've become. While you started being a cuddler right before your 10 month mark, it doesn't compare to how much you like giving hugs now. You squeeze around our necks so tight and you will stop playing to come over and give a hug. The wait was so worth it. You like giving random kisses as well and generally like being held and close to us more than ever before. I can only hope that it keeps getting better. You like giving the dogs and cats hugs and your stuffed animals as well.

You're an independent little guy and you like playing on your own. You're very into moving large objects around the house (still) which often involves turning wheels or turning the object around to maneuver it in a way where it goes in a favorable direction. You're very smart in that way. You like throwing objects behind your head and you like pushing objects across the floor - you almost use your fist like a hockey stick... future hockey player? I think so. You're starting to like books and are able to sit for a max of 1 minute looking at a book. Most of all, you like opening and closing the book saying all done.

You had your first Christmas experience this month. We were very excited for Christmas and excited for your excitement. Little did we know that there would be absolutely no excitement on your part! You were very over the whole Christmas and wrapping paper thing within about 2 minutes. You were more into the Christmas balloon (you're obsessed with balloons this month) and with the cheap toothbrush that was in your stocking. Wish I would've known that $5 presents were the way to go! Your big present was a red wagon from Santa. You also got a couple stuffed animals, some musical instruments, books, little people farm, some dishes and lots of other random items! You had a very good first Christmas (that you're not even aware of!) thanks to wonderful friends and family. Next year will be better, but I am fine with next Christmas taking a lifetime to get here. It's crazy to think that this time last year I was rubbing my belly with all the questions of what life will be like at next year's Christmas; our first one with you.

You're getting close to walking but taking your time, which is perfectly fine with me. You're an expert at standing and have even gone from being in the middle of the room, holding on to nothing and gone from sitting to standing. You can likely stand for minutes at a time and can dance while standing. You walk along furniture with one hand and you've taken 2 steps without falling. One time you took 2-3 steps and stopped, continuing to stand before you sat down. You're getting very good at using your leg strength.

You love all foods and prefer vegetables over meat. You love scrambled eggs and bananas most (still). You like feeding yourself and like chewing part of your food, taking it out of your mouth, inspecting it and then putting it back in your mouth to swallow! You're a very curious guy.

I'll save the sappy paragraph and put all those thoughts in the blog I have started about what I've realized in my first year of motherhood. I will post it closer to your first birthday. Just know that I love you so very much and if I could save these moments and pause time forever, I would.



Saturday, December 10, 2011

You met Santa

Well, you met Santa this weekend and were anything but thrilled by his moustache, beard and overall appearance. Didn't take you long to cry, and of course, as soon as we took you off his lap, you were as happy as a clam.

So, the result is above. We may try once more this year. If not, we have many more years of Santa meetings!


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ten Months

Dear Lachlan,

I am a few days late updating once again, but this last time we were in Canada and didn't have your monthly stickers to take your picture. Better late than never.

Here we are, less than two months until you're considered a toddler and not a baby. I'm getting better with dealing with that. It's still difficult and I get a little saddened seeing others having babies or just seeing babies out in public. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing you develop and grow into a sweet little boy, it's just bittersweet. I don't think that I really ever experienced anything so "bittersweet" in my life as I have with having you and having you grow so fast before my eyes.

You had your first ear infection this last month and went on an antibiotic. Because we were flying to Canada, we went in for your recheck a little earlier than normal and they were a little concerned that it hadn't completely cleared up yet so we have you on another round of antibiotic (different kind) and you'll be done with that tomorrow. I hope that on your recheck Monday it is all cleared up. You didn't run a fever, were just a little crankier than normal and were waking a lot during the night. I guess my mother's instinct works after all. :)

Your crawling has gotten better and you're quick to turn from one direction to another and can get up on to your knees to do knee standing. A couple times you've leaned forward on something (likely me) and put your feet down and stood to your feet without pulling yourself up! You did that for the first time last week while we were in Canada. You continue to pull yourself up on things and have less of a crash when you let go; but rather letting yourself down slowly. You've discovered the cupboards and like to open and close them, occasionally taking out Tupperware and pretend to drink from it. You're very much obsessed with doors - open and close, open and close. You laugh when you close the door and we open it to see you. Thus far, you've only had minor fingers in the doors. It scares me every time you play with doors, but I know that you're learning and discovering so I just keep an extra eye out.

Your bottom teeth are fully through and I believe your top are on their way in. When you were at the doctor she looked and said the area is pretty swollen. This is in addition to the excessive drooling that you've been doing lately and hitting your fist off your mouth likely saying that it hurts. I think I would be perfectly fine with you always being a baby and only ever having your bottom two teeth!

You're making more sounds and have your own world of words. When we ask where daddy is, you look at him. When we ask where the doggies are, you look at them. But, I dont think you know who/what mommy is. We will work on it! I was hoping by now you'd be signing some things but so far you just show that you understand some by reacting when I sign. You're laughing a lot more and do a lot of fake laughing and coughing. You do a really great job at imitating us and our words and have come super close to repeating "ut oh."

You've started throwing minor temper tantrums this last month but mostly just when you're exhausted. As well, when you're angry or frustrated, you swat at the air (sometimes hitting us) and you glare. You're understanding what "no" means and USUALLY stop doing what you're doing if we tell you not to. I always said that I wouldn't be a mom that says "no" all the time, but it's a lot harder than I thought. It's funny how two months ago daddy and I were talking about how we never say "no" to you and I feel as though we say it 100x a day now. That's an exaggeration but still a little bothersome.

You continue to be a great eater. You like most everything and so far I think the only thing you haven't liked is pickles. Bananas and scrambled eggs continue to be your favorite foods. Im convinced you'd eat an entire bunch of bananas and carton of eggs if we'd let you! You drink a lot of water and get excited when you see us put ice in it.

We traveled to Canada for Thanksgiving last week. I was really, really nervous for the flights and was convinced it was going to be the worst moments of my life. Well, the trip there was close to it. We arrive to the Denver airport at 830am and were to board at 1050. We got on the plane and within a few minutes we smelled smoke and the plane turned around and went back to Denver. Long story short, we left Denver at 445, making that 8 hours at the airport, flew to Toronto, had another delay there (and a meltdown by both you and mama) and finally arrived in Halifax around 4am.. so that made for a 18ish hour travel day. Exhausting! But, we had a great visit and you enjoyed everyone as much as they enjoyed you. Grammie sent you home with some new toys that you really enjoy. You definitely have become quite the little ham and flirt and are not shy by any means. You start people down, which seems to be an initiation process and once they pass your test, they are your new best friend. As always, it was sad saying goodbye. It's sad leaving family and I think one of the saddest things is knowing that you don't know that you won't be seeing the people you're saying goodbye to for quite awhile and you don't know how much time you're missing with the people that love you. It's hard to feel like we're keeping you from your family that loves you so much. You'll be able to see both grandparents for your birthday, which will be great!!

One great thing you've started this month is being a cuddler! You now give hugs and kisses and like to hug your stuffed animals. You wrap your arms and hands around my neck. When laying on us, you will lightly squeeze parts of our body and you will wrap your fingers around us as well. The hugs and kisses are so great and were so worth the 10 months of waiting! I hope it continues and that you become even more of a cuddler. I will continue sucking it up. :)

You're the light of my life, Lachie.



Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nine Months

Dear Lachlan,

I told myself that I wouldn't be a date late on posting your monthly updates. Here I am, three days late. We've been busy, as have you.

You had your nine month check up this last week and I wasn't able to get off work to go so you just went with daddy. I was shocked when he told me that you are now 19lb 5oz, putting you in the 40th percentile and you are 29.25" tall, putting you in the 80th percentile! This is such a change from your six month appointment where you were 16lb .05oz (25th percentile) and 26.25" (45th percentile) tall! You grew exactly 3 inches and gained 3 pounds! You're obviously doing well in the growth department. :) You've grown almost 10 inches and gained about 13lbs since you were born!

You're no longer doing the worm and have mastered the crawl. Your crawl is pretty cute - you barely lift your knees but rather drag them and move your butt back and forth like you're strutting your stuff. Care for some fries with that shake little Lach? When you're really excited, you take off crawling really fast and laugh when daddy crawls and chases you. You continue pulling yourself up on everything getting bumps and bruises quite frequently. One bonus is that most wipe outs do not seem to phase you and you go on your merry way. If you're tired or hungry and have a wipe out, it's likely there will be tears but otherwise, not so much.

After pulling yourself up to standing, you've started letting go of things. I think the most you've ever stood up is probably for about 5-8 seconds, which is awesome! You even do it in the bath tub, which is not so awesome as it gives me a heat attack! Sometimes we wont be paying attention and look over and you're standing, holding on to nothing, smiling at us. Cutest thing ever. You've started moving from object to object while standing. You'll hold on to your little leap frog station and turn and hold on to the ottoman. You're definitely testing your limits and are curious on what you can and cannot do.. which often results in a fall.

Some really exciting news is that you finally have teeth!! I was letting you suck on my finger one day and I noticed something sharp! It was the first sign of tooth #1 which was your bottom right tooth. While that one was breaking through, we noticed the tooth next to it was on its way in as your gums were raised and swollen. Both have broken through but are still on their way up. We have a hard time seeing them but sometimes you give us a gummy enough smile or when you cry and frown we can see them. They are SO cute. You definitely struggled with the pain and it you a little cranky. You had diarrhea when the first one was breaking through and had your first REAL diaper rash. We used wet washcloths rather than wipes and used disposables so we could use cream and it cleared up within 2-3 days. I cant imagine how miserable you must've been feeling with teeth pushing through and a sore bottom!

You're putting more words together and you talk (and whisper) to inanimate objects quite often. You know the meaning when I sign "all done" and you talk back saying "ahhhhh duhhhh!" - which is both amazing and cute. You get quite excited when I sign it to you which I think is partially because its one thing you understand and know what the result of the action is. I've been doing other sign language with you as well; someday you will surprise me and sign back to me. :) You say both "dada" and "mama" with dada x100 more often than mama. While you say them, I don't know that you know that I am mama and daddy is dada. There is more promise that you know daddy is dada, though. You make the "ma" sound when you are upset - go figure! :) When we tell you "no, no" you smile and think it is funny.......... way to be, child!

Two weekends ago we went to the Rock Creek Farm Pumpkin Patch. Your daddy and I have been going there for 7 years! Our wedding photo that everyone signed at our wedding 7 years ago was taken at the very same pumpkin patch. This year was the best year yet. It was the first time that we felt like we were doing a "family outing" and it felt fantastic. You saw some "petting zoo" animals which you weren't too fond of. You seemed to have a great time there and zonked out as soon as we left. I love that tradition of ours and can't wait till you get excited about it, too.

Last weekend we went to your future wife's birthday party. It is hard to believe that Delaney is 1 year already. I was there for her birth and it hardly seems like a year ago. I was obviously pregnant with you at the time and remember seeing my first stretch mark when Janine was in labor. I remember thinking that it was still such a ways away before you were born but it went quick, which only means one thing, your birthday party is going to be here before I know it. I have been planning for a couple months and have some cute ideas. It's all a matter of funding said ideas and implementing said ideas! I hope that it is fabulous. Both of your grandparents are going to be here so it is sure to be a very special day. I was the only one at Delaney's party to cry so I am trying to prepare myself for your party so that I am not a sobbing mess.

You continue to be a very good and happy baby. You only really cry when you get hurt, are super tired and are hungry. You're very independent and play well by yourself. You're STILL not much of a cuddler and don't even really enjoy being held. You're very interested in exploring everything around you and are too busy to slow down and show some love here and there. We're working on the book reading thing but usually as soon as you sit in my lap to read one you either try to get out of my lap right away or you close the book and said "ahhh duhh!" and crawl away. We're working on it.. we're working on it.

You enjoy most every food that we give you. You love meat and seem to have an endless pit of a stomach. I have no idea how you gum/eat steak, but you do! I would say that right now your favorite foods are (baby) oatmeal, scrambled eggs and chicken/steak. You really do love scrambled eggs and beg for them when I eat them for the breakfast.. just like the dogs! You're getting better at getting the food in your mouth rather than missing and having it all end up on your chair. You do well with a sippy cup and can drink fairly well out of a straw. You love ice water. You're down to about 4 bottles a day, one in the morning, one before your morning nap, one before your afternoon nap and one before bed.

Speaking of naps, you're finally getting better but it is still pretty hit or miss. I would say that more often than not, you're taking two naps a day for about an hour each.. but that varies. Today for example, you took an hour long nap in the morning and a 2 1/2 hour nap in the afternoon and crashed around 7:45p. You've been pushing your bedtime back and are usually asleep between 7:25 and 8:10.... but you still wake up way too early for my liking! We don't have much of a choice for schedule since we leave for daycare between 7:15 and 7:30.

Around the American Thanksgiving this year, we are headed to Canada. I am NOT looking forward to the plane ride. We had great luck traveling there last time but you were also 7 weeks old and slept most of the time. But now? You are SO busy. You have a hard time sitting still for more than 10 seconds. I am hoping that bottles, Cheerios (oh yes, you love Cheerios also), keys and random treats and toys keep you occupied for the 7ish hours we will be on a plane. I may have to open the exit door and jump out mid-flight!

I would say that I have more good days than bad with dealing with you getting old and being a working mom. However, when my days are bad, they're bad. While I love seeing you grow and develop and love you at the age you are, I miss the baby Lachlan. I know you're technically still a baby.. but the baby that depended on me more. It's bittersweet, it really is. We were driving home this evening and you were giving me your paci and putting in my mouth which was hilarious to you and daddy asked me - doesn't it make you totally melt when he laughs? And well, it is so true, it does. Having you makes both of us look at EVERYTHING differently. I look at myself differently, I look at social and global issues differently, I look at my troubles differently, I look at other's problems differently, I look at the future differently. The positivity and optimism that you've added to my life is a serious life saver. I don't have time to sit around to have a pity party about the petty things in life and to be honest, most days I can't find the pity in myself to feel it. You really do give life a whole new meaning for living. I love you so very much and like I always say (but cannot emphasize it enough), I am so so lucky to be your mommy and I am so grateful that I get the experience of having you in my life.



Monday, September 26, 2011

Eight Months

Dear Lachlan,

You're only 4 months shy of being one year. This time last year I was really starting to show with you. It is a bittersweet thing as you get older and wiser.

This month has been quite the month! Not too long after turning 7 months, you mastered your sitting skills and you mastered your mobility in what we will refer to "doing the worm" - not quite a crawl, not quite an army crawl. A belly flop, perhaps? Either way, no matter what it is, it is enough to get you from point A to B and quickly!

Just within the last few days you've turned your "worm" crawl into a half crawl. Sometimes you do a normal crawl, other times you do the worm. I think when you're really excited to get from point A to B you forget the real crawl and resort to belly flops across the floor!

Another really exciting thing is that you learned to pull yourself to standing.. on everything. It doesn't matter what it is, a sweater hanging off the couch, the corner of the entertainment center, the side of the bathtub, my leg, your toys, the pole of your jumparoo.. doesn't matter.. if it holds you (or you think it will), you pull yourself up! You're to the point now where you remove one hand while standing and try to bend down to pick up toys off the ground. You were successful once today but I think that is the only time you've been successful in doing so. Once standing, if your legs are too far apart or too far from whatever is holding you up, you readjust your footing and walk in. A couple times you've made a few steps while holding on to the couch or the side of your crib. Next up is walking, eh? I don't think that I am ready yet :)

You're no longer gagging while eating (for the most part, anyway) and can move food around in your mouth with your tongue so that you don't gag. You must have my gag reflex because I am an awful gagger as well! You absolutely love Cheerios and also have an interest in this little yogurt bites as well. You still love the very basic baby cereal and prefer that for breakfast. We've started giving you jarred baby food (I know, I know), but I think it was a choose my battle thing and I was losing by having you hate everything that I made. You rarely turn away any food from the jar. I figure the food we give you is organic and the only ingredients in the food other than food and water is Vitamin C, so I can deal. :) I also realize that sooner than later, you'll be in Kindergarten and receiving a bunch of crap for lunch anyway.. I can't keep you from all the "bad" things in life.

You love laughing and are just the happiest little thing. You have a fake laugh and a real laugh. If we fake laugh at you, you fake laugh back. We play peek-a-boo (with you sometimes pulling the blanket off and on your own face - so smart!) and you love that. You also love row row row your boat and when Sammy licks you. You still love the animals, and still, more than they love you! I think Sammy is your favorite - you just think he is SO funny and now that he got a haircut, he likes you a little more as you cannot pull his hair.

Your sleeping has been pretty good for the most part. Bedtime is between 7 and 8 and you usually wake up between 5 and 6:30. It seems like if you wake up before 5:45, youll go back to sleep, but if you wake after, you're up for the day. Naps could still use some work but you seem to be napping well at daycare.

Your vocabulary is slacking a little bit but you're also young. You make sounds like "da ba ga ma ta ya" but do not put any together and they're in random order! You'll say mama and dada soon enough. I'm not worried about it.

You're still the light of my life. My body still hurts when we are away and I still struggle spending any time away from you. I know that eventually I will be able to deal with going out when I could be spending time with you but I am just not ready yet. I miss out on so much time with you throughout the week while working that I want to spend every waking moment with you and feel a great amount of guilt and that I am being a bad mom if I spend even more time away from you. My hope for next month is that you become a little more of a cuddler. You're definitely a boy in the sense that you just like to be rough, tough and busy all the time. You have too much to discover to sit on my lap and cuddle. It is to the point at night time where you would rather hold your own bottle rather than having me hold it for you. You've definitely found this new sense of independence that I am not ready for yet. I know it will come and go and they always say that little boys love their mommies, so I am hoping for a cuddle stage before you become a teenager and think I am the worst person alive! :)

I am so, so, so lucky to be your mommy. I've never been so grateful.



Friday, August 26, 2011

Seven Months

Dear Lachlan,

Every month seems to go by quicker than the last. I could swear I was sitting here last week writing your half birthday update.

Im feeling tired today and getting a migraine so this will likely be short and sweet.

What a busy month you've had with your developments. The biggest is your new skill of sitting. You're still a little wobbly and a little too interested in other things and busy to concentrate on keeping your balance but you're getting it. A few times you've gone from laying to crawling position to sitting, which is pretty impressive. You're becoming more mobile and can scoot almost across the living room. You're able to get your entire chest off of the ground, get in crawling position, but fail to move from there. You have a half army crawl and use your arm as leverage to scoot yourself to get what you want.

We're working on eating more solids. You're not too keen on hard foods, like cheerios and puffs but enjoy gnawing on num-nums. Earlier in the month you would gag when anything of the sort would hit your tongue but you are getting better. You tried yogurt this last week and really enjoy both the banana and peach yogurt. You're not too fond of anything green - it is okay, I am not either. :)

Your sleeping has been really good for the most part; waking up around 430 to eat and going back to sleep until 630 or 7. A couple nights you've slept for 11 hours straight, not waking until morning time to eat. You have a few random nights here and there where you wake frequently throughout the night but they are hit and miss and far and few between. I appreciate that since I am the one home with you at night the majority of the time! Sometimes you fall asleep just from going in your crib and others you want to lay chest to chest and be rocked to sleep.

You really love daycare and love Tina. I think you're more excited to see her in the morning than you're ever glad to see me or daddy. Speaking of daddy, you're quite fond if him, his hat, his beard and his glasses. I would say right now you're more of a daddy's boy than a mommy's boy. When he comes home in the morning and we're eating breakfast, you turn your head when you hear the door open and watch for him. When you see him, you smile and squeal. It's nice that you're starting to show excitement when we come home from work or you haven't seen us for awhile.

You're starting to show an interest in everything around you making us realize how much trouble we are in once you're mobile and how un-babyproofed our house is! Im sure we will learn as we go, I just dont think it's necessary to proof everything when we dont know what you're going to be interested in discovering.

No teeth yet and I am convinced you'll never have any... maybe by your first birthday (which I need to start planning by the way)?

As always, I struggle with you growing up and seeming like anything but a "baby" in my eyes. Obviously you're still a baby (and will always be my baby boy) but you seem like such a big boy these days.. your independence is already shining through. I worry for the day where you won't let me kiss you anymore or won't want to sit on my lap and cuddle before bedtime. :( I know I have awhile to go and should just enjoy the time I have for now. You're a special little guy. I love you so very much.