Sunday, September 26, 2010

22 weeks preggo.

As you can see, we put daddy to work this weekend.

Yesterday we were sitting around after running a couple errands and seeing Morgan's friend Gerry from Canada (he is touring with a band and was able to stop by for lunch in Denver which was great!) and we were talking about what we could do and I suggested putting the crib together, expecting an "its too early" response, but he agreed and wanted to prove that it wouldn't take as long as it took others in the reviews for the crib/changing table. So, he did just that. Only took him an hour to put together the crib and an hour to put together the changing table. He also agreed to hang up the bamboo blinds as well. After putting the bumper in the crib we realized that with the modern design/boxy look, the ties dont match up correctly on the crib. I've been going back and forth on whether or not I even want to use one, we've decided not to use one. We may get a breathable bumper later on if we feel it is necessary but with all the controversy out there about SIDS with the use of a bumper, in addition to the bulkyness of the bumper (taking away from that sleek modern look, yano!), it helps our decision. So, we'll see how that goes.

Grandma and Grandpa in Iowa said they'd buy the mattress so we went out and bought one today to complete the crib. So, thanks to G&G in Iowa, the crib is now complete and will collect dust for the next 17 weeks while we wait for baby c.'s arrival! We need to get decorations, a rocker/glider and a bookshelf/shelving and the room will be complete. No hurry, we've got awhile go to yet.. or at least we hope, since he's not done cooking.

Speaking of which, I started having contractions this last week. I think that I had my first contraction on Tuesday night. I had a slight wave of menstrual cramps and then my lower abdomen hardened.. probably could have bounced a quarter off of it. The hardening only lasted a couple minutes and that was it. I've had a contraction close to every night since then. I think I went Thursday night and last night without one, but that is about it. I think it's fairly normal, at least I hope it is. I am carrying very low, or so it seems (kicks are really really low) so I hope this is normal as well.

I signed up for our birthing classes this last week as well which is exciting. We are going to do the Bradley Method classes. They start on October 18 and run for 12 weeks, 2 hours every Monday night. I am pretty excited about them. I am hoping to meet some other preggo mommas in the class as they will likely be due around the same time as us. They have an empathy belly that the men can wear - wish Morgan could wear it for a whole day, haha. :) Hopefully we learn a lot from the class and go into labor feeling a lot more educated and comfortable with the situations that will arise. Supposedly, 87% of mothers that complete the Bradley Method classes and go through labor with what they've learned, are successful at having an unmedicated birth which is something that is important to me. If it comes down to me needing an epidural, then it does, but I am going in with a goal and I am going to be prepared as best as I can be to meet that goal. I'm glad that I have a husband that supports me in this decision and will push for me to meet it. I've had quite a few people tell me that I won't be able to do it unmedicated, or that I am crazy for thinking I will be able to; thanks for the support ladies!

I think that I am officially to the point where strangers can look at me and know that I am pregnant. I was at Target this weekend (got a cute maternity coat, too!) and lots of people were staring at me strangely; almost like I had some sort of weird flesh eating disease. Guess it's better than random strangers coming up and touching the baby belly. I'm not sure how I will react to that. Guess time shall tell.

We're still trying to plan some sort of babymoon. A little getaway for mom and dad before the baby arrives. We're considering a few different cities but thinking maybe Austin, TX as we've both wanted to go there. I'd like to go but would also like to go somewhere that is a little cooler. Denver has been SO warm for September. Growing up in Iowa, it was always so nice in September and October, nice hoodie and jacket weather; but here in Denver, its still upper 80s and I am not so much enjoying that. I want Fall weather! We'll need to decide within the next week or two so we get a good deal on plane tickets.

Other than that, not much is new to report. Baby seems to be doing fine and has his days where he is active and others where he is not as active. He responds to sugar about 30-45 minutes after I eat it. Im excited for when we'll be able to see him moving from the outside as we're not quite there yet! Can't wait for our next ultrasound in less than 6 weeks.

See you next week.

xo, mommy to be.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

21 weeks preggo.

The baby is supposedly the size of a spaghetti squash (8 inches) this week and weighing in at about a pound! We had our monthly check-up on Friday. Things were well. Morgan was able to come to this appointment, so that was good. I gained a few pounds (up about 4 in the last month), blood pressure was good (110/80) and the baby's heart rate was 140. She said that I am measuring right on. She suggested that I use some ice on my back for my back pain. I am going to start using that tonight. I hope it helps! She said that because my lab work results were a little haywire with my first trimester screening, they want to do additional ultra sounds at 28 weeks and 32 weeks to measure growth since I am at higher risk for having a smaller baby. While I am not excited about knowing he may not grow as he should, I am excited to see him on ultrasound again and see how much has changed since 16 weeks. Looks like we will see him at 28 weeks, 30 weeks and again at 32 weeks. We're going to do the 3d/4d ultrasound at 30 weeks so we can see him moving around and see his little face. Other than that, the appointment was pretty uneventful.. they're so quick now. 

This week was pretty uneventful. Since feeling him last Tuesday, I feel him every single day, numerous times a day. In fact, he just kicked or punched about 10 seconds ago. On Thursday or Friday, I swear he did some sort of somersault because I felt a lot of pressure and movement in my lower abdomen. This evening we were watching football (go figure) and I said to Morgan that I wondered what the baby was doing because I hadn't felt him all day, seriously 5 seconds later, he kicked. Funny how that works. 

We went to a consignment sale this morning and bought some more clothes for him.  Morgan found some cute Packers jammies which will please his grandma and grandpa in Iowa.. probably uncle Jeremy as well! They're pretty cute.. cost more than I would've liked to spend on used jammies, but oh well. 

Im not sure if I posted about this or not but I think we are going to do a monster theme in the nursery. More like pop art looking Monsters, bold colors, thick lines, etc. At the last consignment sale I went to with Vanessa, I bought a monster and the idea has developed from that. I think Morgan will draw and paint/color in the monsters and we will either frame them or just use canvases

For the most part, I have been feeling pretty good. I have been pretty tired and still have consistent back pain, but other than that, I can't really complain. I did have a hormonal pregnancy moment the other day. I was cleaning and the cleaner had a little bleach in it (I know, probably not the safest for a pregnant momma, but I am loving the smell of bleach) and it spilled on my favorite maternity shirt and left bleach marks. I started crying but was laughing at the same time. It's just a bummer to not feel cute in many of your clothes, or not have many clothes that make you feel cute/or even fit anymore, and then to ruin one of them. That puts me down to like, 4 shirts that fit me, which is a little depressing. Also, I felt pretty nauseous this morning and was so sure I was going to throw up but ended up just heaving and gagging in the toilet. I spent most of the day on the couch and slept off and on. Much needed. 

Other than that, not much to report! Enjoy the picture of my 21 week belly and the Packers jammies

See you next week.

xo, mommy to be.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

20 weeks preggo; note to baby.

Dear Baby:

Just wanted to write because we had a pretty special day yesterday. During the workday around 4pm I felt you kick from the outside for the first time. It was a pretty amazing thing, I only wished daddy was here to feel it, too.

But, low and behold, during the evening we were watching football and you were moving so I asked him to feel - you let out the biggest kick so far, and he was able to feel you moving as well.

Thanks for cooperating to involve daddy in on the excitement.



Sunday, September 12, 2010

20 weeks preggo.

We're halfway, baby!

Very exciting to meet our midpoint of 20 weeks. I've been waiting for this moment. For the longest time, or what felt like the longest time, I did not think we would make it to this point with all the bleeding scares we had at the start.

I've been anxiously awaiting this milestone. It's pretty crazy to think that we have less time remaining than we've been pregnant.

The baby is about the size of a banana now measuring at about 7 inches. I remember when my bestie Janine was pregnant with a banana and I thought that was SO big.. now I'm there and of course, it doesn't seem like as much of a big deal!

This weekend was Janine's baby shower. She is 13 weeks ahead of me and I volunteered to host her baby shower. It was my first time hosting a baby shower and the second one that I've been to. I think that it turned out pretty well, people seemed to have fun and Janine seemed to enjoy herself, so mission was accomplished! I got her and Jeff (well mostly her, I doubt Jeff will be sporting it) a cute Petunia Pickle diaper bag that Janine was eyeing. I want one similar to it, which is a lot cheaper than the Kate Spade diaper bag I've been hoping for. But, the shower and shower planning wore me out and I am feeling it this evening. I will be surprised if I make it past 8pm tonight.

I went shopping this morning with Vanessa to a consignment sale in Golden. Im glad that she invited me to go as I found a few things! I got about 15 clothing items, mostly sleepers, a boppy cover, 2 baby einstein dvds, a music cd that is in French (we hope to learn French someday!), a stuffed monster (starting to believe we're going to do a monster theme for the nursery?) and a swaddler. All of that was only 40 bucks, 10 of that being the monster.

Speaking of baby items, we did the majority of our registry yesterday evening. Boy, was that exhausting! We probably looked ridiculous trying to decide what we should buy and what we need, etc. We were both pretty exhausted after. We still need to register for some stuff but we got a big chunk of it complete. I figured 20 weeks was a good time to start the wish list.

My belly sure is growing. I would say that strangers likely notice that I am pregnant. I am still larger at night but still have quite a bump in the morning before I eat and drink as well. The one pair of jeans that I thought I'd be able to wear throughout my pregnancy no longer button! I still don't think that I really know what I am in for as far as getting big. Kind of scary, but also exciting.

I feel him on a daily basis now, mostly when I lay down to go to sleep. The movements are getting stronger so I am hoping to feel him from the outside soon. I would think by 23-24 weeks we should start feeling him. I can't wait for Morgan to feel him; even if the idea still freaks him out.

I have an appointment this Friday with the midwife. Im excited to go and hear the heartbeat again - it seems like forever since I heard it last. I've been having tons of calf pain, which started out as only waking me at night with horrible cramping/spasms and slight pain in the morning but now lasts the entire day. I would say that my sciatic pain still tops any other discomfort I am having.

Well, I am exhausted and need to go lay in bed. I bought a maternity pillow so I am hoping that helps making sleeping on my side a little more comfortable. I HATE sleeping on my side. I miss belly sleeping. Sigh.. not much longer, I can push through it! :)

I posted pictures above. One is from Janine's baby shower, her at 33w1d and me at 20w1d. The other was taken this afternoon. I think with the shirt not being as form fitting my belly looks a lot bigger than the picture yesterday... dont think it's possible to grow that much over night, right!? :)

See you next week.

xo, mommy to be.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

19 weeks preggo.

This baby boy is starting to move!

On Thursday night I woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating chest pains. It was really bizarre because it was all on my right side and got worse when I took in anything but a shallow breath. I couldn't move, at all. It was to the point that I couldn't roll my body or arm over enough to shake Morgan to wake up; I had to use my foot to shake him. He woke up and got me some water and listened to me cry and freak out. I had no idea what was wrong and still don't. I immediately thought my lung had collapsed as it was localized and hurt so bad to breathe or move my ribs on that side. I wonder if it was some sort of panic attack?

Either way, when I settled down, stopped crying and was laying there trying to fall asleep, I felt a very obvious thud in my lower abdomen! This was the first time that I felt like it was truly the baby and not a questionable feeling in my stomach. It was pretty exciting. I held my hand on my stomach hoping to feel something on the outside but no such luck. I am getting pretty anxious to feel him on the outside but know that I just need to be patient since I am just 19 weeks and it is my first. Soon enough I will be wishing I couldn't feel his feet jabbing my ribs!

I went to prenatal yoga with Vanessa and her friend Julie on Saturday morning. I really liked it! As I usually report, I have been having horrible low back/hip/butt pain on my left side. It felt really nice to stretch my body out. I am going to buy a punch card so that I can go once a week. I won't be able to go next weekend as I am hosting Janine's baby shower but will go every Saturday after that. I really liked the atmosphere and the teacher, and well, my company! It was pretty weird for me being in a room of 20 pregnant women. The room was fairly small so it was definitely a tight squeeze fitting all those bellies in there. I think it will help me a lot to do yoga and having a punch card and someone to go with will force me to go; sometimes I need that.

After looking at a photo album Vanessa sent me of her pregnancy progress, I realized that I really need to take pictures. I want to have that to go look back on. We are going to take a picture tomorrow and we will take one next weekend at 20 weeks - really, is next weekend already going to be half way? Craziness. And, from there on out, I will take one every 2 weeks to show the difference, maybe even every week once I really start growing.

I've been looking into birthing classes as I should probably start enrolling soon. I am trying to decide between hypnobirthing and the Bradley Method. I think that I am going to go with the Bradley Method but need to find one that works well with our schedules. I want to take one at Mountain Midwifery but the only class they have listed started today and runs until late October-ish. I'd like to find one that starts around the beginning of November.. that way, I won't forget everything in the months before our labor.

Sleeping is really starting to get uncomfortable. I confess that I still sleep and lay on my back. I know that I shouldn't but sometimes its the only position that works for me. I really need to get a better sleeping pillow. I've been putting a memory foam pillow between my knees for sleeping but just end up on my back with the pillow on the floor. Sleeping directly on my stomach is out as it's not comfortable but I almost lay half on my stomach and half on my side, which still seems to work. Im not sure how else to control my sleep position. Oh well, my body will tell me when a position isn't working anymore like it did for my stomach.

As far as cravings, I am still always wanting boiled hot dogs. I think I am on week 4 or 5 now with wanting boiled hot dogs. Also, my appetite is really picking up and every time I see someone eating something, I want it, too. Im still not huge on sweets, especially compared to how I was pre-pregnancy, but my sweet cravings are kicking in a little bit more. I stopped for ice cream today and wanted a cherry dipped cone the other night at 9pm (and got one!).

Hopefully next week I am able to report feeling him from the outside, I can't wait for that.. and even more, for Morgan to feel his son kicking.

I'll try to remember to update tomorrow with a picture of my belly.. how lucky you all are, getting one two weeks in a row with next week being 20 weeks!

See you next week.

xo, mommy to be.