Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Six Months

Dearest Lachlan,

I am in a bit of disbelief that you are half way to your first birthday. It's hard to believe in the amount of time we've had together, we only have that until you're one year old. Time has gone by so fast and it seems to go faster with each passing month.

This month has been exciting (I know I always say that) but you're turning into such a big boy. We tried some new foods this last month. You first had avocado which wasn't a total failure but definitely wasn't a hit, either; you seem to not mind it as much if it's mixed with your oatmeal. Next up was carrots. Grammie was here visiting so she was able to give you carrots for the first time. At first, you weren't too sure what to think but eventually enjoyed them. They were pretty easy to make but turn your face (and everything else) orange. After carrots we gave you sweet potato and that was a hit as well. The last couple week you've had sweet potato for dinner with a mix of green beans one night. The green beans were far from a hit and I think it may have been worse than the avocado. You were spitting it back out and made such retching faces. We gave you banana last night and you really enjoyed that.. so much so that you ate an entire banana (pureed, of course!). Unfortunately we learned that bananas tend to leave babies constipated so they're going to have to be a treat now and then.

Your sleeping has been hit or miss. You went through about a 2 week phase where you woke up every 15-90 minutes, which was really tiring for me since daddy starting working overnights as soon as you started refusing to sleep! It was a pretty stressful period but I tried to remember that this too shall pass, and it did. Most nights you fall asleep between 730 and 8 and wake up around 430 and 5 for your morning feeding and then go back to sleep for one to two hours. I can't complain, you're a pretty good sleeper and I consider myself lucky :)

You're starting to scoot a little bit but you're not crawling. You can turn yourself around in circles with ease and tuck your legs under your body and grunt. You definitely get the idea that you can be mobile and reach things, it's just a matter of figuring out how to be mobile. I am fine with you being immobile for awhile longer.. I like putting you in one spot and finding you in the same spot when I walk out of the room. You're sitting a little bit but lean forward and catch yourself with your hands and remain like that or topple forward doing a face plant or falling over to the side. You reach for everything and said everything goes right to your mouth. You bite like crazy with those little gums of yours. Speaking of, still no teeth or signs of one poking through any time soon other than your biting and drooling which has been going on for awhile.

You like to make the ptttttb sound and while it started out as something you just like to do for fun and smile, you mostly do it now when you are frustrated and can't voice yourself. Not only do you blow the raspberries when you are frustrated, but you also pant like a dog. You switch back and forth between pttttb and heeehhhh hehhhhh heeehhhhhhhhhh!! I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for you to try to voice yourself and not be able.

Like I said earlier, grammie and grampie came to visit for 11 whole days! It was nice to have them here and when the weather cooperated, you guys spent a lot of time at the park or on walks. Your daycare was closed for a week so they watched you during the day and you did pretty well especially considering it was out of your routine. It was nice having them visit and as always, was emotional when they had to leave.

You're smiling and laughing a lot more now. Sometimes you laugh when we tickle the bottom of your feet and you especially laugh when we tilt you up and blow on your side.. I think you're going to be a pretty ticklish guy. Its so funny how daddy and I do something totally random and you think it's the funniest thing ever. Daddy does little gun movements with his fingers with a "pewww pewwww pewwwww" sound and it is SO funny to you.. well, sometimes. That's another thing. Sometimes things are hilarious and the next day you look at us like we are stupid!

You've especially taken a liking to all of the animals with preference for the dogs. You think they are so funny and laugh at them when they come up close to you. You giggle when Frankie gives you kisses. You definitely like them more than they seem to like you. You have some sort of fascination with Sammy's fur and love to pull on it, and well, he doesn't love it so much. You watch them walk by and they bring so many smiles and laughs to your face. Warms my heart.

Your favorite thing right now is your jumperoo. I feel like it is a circle of neglect because you just rock out in there for 30-45 minutes at a time; laughing, squealing and yelling. When you're not in your jumperoo, you still like to jump/push off everything that is against the bottom of your feet. That was definitely a good investment!

You had your six month appointment today and daddy took you as I had to work. You did pretty well with your shots and didn't cry until the second leg. You weighed in at 16lb 0.5oz which is the 25th percentile, were 26 1/4" long which is the 45th percentile and your head circum. was at the 30th percentile. You're staying pretty close to on track and at the same percentile at each appointment. You're a skinny little dude.. so much so that you still fit into some 0-3 month pants.

As always, I am overwhelmed with this great amount of love for you. Sometimes I still lose my breath when I think about you and you're away, my entire body smiles when you laugh and I often find my face hurting from you making me smile so much. I miss you when I am at work and I miss you when you're in bed for the night. I never knew that being a mommy would be the greatest thing I'd ever experience. Everyone said it was so great being a mom but I had no idea. Being a mommy is something I am good at. I have an overwhelming sense of need to nurture, love and protect you. Sometimes, like when you wake up every 30 minutes at night, my patience is tested, but even at my moments with no patience, I still find the great in it and appreciate that I extra time I get to spend with you in the middle of the night. It's the truth. I love you more than I can express in words.


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