Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ten Months

Dear Lachlan,

I am a few days late updating once again, but this last time we were in Canada and didn't have your monthly stickers to take your picture. Better late than never.

Here we are, less than two months until you're considered a toddler and not a baby. I'm getting better with dealing with that. It's still difficult and I get a little saddened seeing others having babies or just seeing babies out in public. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing you develop and grow into a sweet little boy, it's just bittersweet. I don't think that I really ever experienced anything so "bittersweet" in my life as I have with having you and having you grow so fast before my eyes.

You had your first ear infection this last month and went on an antibiotic. Because we were flying to Canada, we went in for your recheck a little earlier than normal and they were a little concerned that it hadn't completely cleared up yet so we have you on another round of antibiotic (different kind) and you'll be done with that tomorrow. I hope that on your recheck Monday it is all cleared up. You didn't run a fever, were just a little crankier than normal and were waking a lot during the night. I guess my mother's instinct works after all. :)

Your crawling has gotten better and you're quick to turn from one direction to another and can get up on to your knees to do knee standing. A couple times you've leaned forward on something (likely me) and put your feet down and stood to your feet without pulling yourself up! You did that for the first time last week while we were in Canada. You continue to pull yourself up on things and have less of a crash when you let go; but rather letting yourself down slowly. You've discovered the cupboards and like to open and close them, occasionally taking out Tupperware and pretend to drink from it. You're very much obsessed with doors - open and close, open and close. You laugh when you close the door and we open it to see you. Thus far, you've only had minor fingers in the doors. It scares me every time you play with doors, but I know that you're learning and discovering so I just keep an extra eye out.

Your bottom teeth are fully through and I believe your top are on their way in. When you were at the doctor she looked and said the area is pretty swollen. This is in addition to the excessive drooling that you've been doing lately and hitting your fist off your mouth likely saying that it hurts. I think I would be perfectly fine with you always being a baby and only ever having your bottom two teeth!

You're making more sounds and have your own world of words. When we ask where daddy is, you look at him. When we ask where the doggies are, you look at them. But, I dont think you know who/what mommy is. We will work on it! I was hoping by now you'd be signing some things but so far you just show that you understand some by reacting when I sign. You're laughing a lot more and do a lot of fake laughing and coughing. You do a really great job at imitating us and our words and have come super close to repeating "ut oh."

You've started throwing minor temper tantrums this last month but mostly just when you're exhausted. As well, when you're angry or frustrated, you swat at the air (sometimes hitting us) and you glare. You're understanding what "no" means and USUALLY stop doing what you're doing if we tell you not to. I always said that I wouldn't be a mom that says "no" all the time, but it's a lot harder than I thought. It's funny how two months ago daddy and I were talking about how we never say "no" to you and I feel as though we say it 100x a day now. That's an exaggeration but still a little bothersome.

You continue to be a great eater. You like most everything and so far I think the only thing you haven't liked is pickles. Bananas and scrambled eggs continue to be your favorite foods. Im convinced you'd eat an entire bunch of bananas and carton of eggs if we'd let you! You drink a lot of water and get excited when you see us put ice in it.

We traveled to Canada for Thanksgiving last week. I was really, really nervous for the flights and was convinced it was going to be the worst moments of my life. Well, the trip there was close to it. We arrive to the Denver airport at 830am and were to board at 1050. We got on the plane and within a few minutes we smelled smoke and the plane turned around and went back to Denver. Long story short, we left Denver at 445, making that 8 hours at the airport, flew to Toronto, had another delay there (and a meltdown by both you and mama) and finally arrived in Halifax around 4am.. so that made for a 18ish hour travel day. Exhausting! But, we had a great visit and you enjoyed everyone as much as they enjoyed you. Grammie sent you home with some new toys that you really enjoy. You definitely have become quite the little ham and flirt and are not shy by any means. You start people down, which seems to be an initiation process and once they pass your test, they are your new best friend. As always, it was sad saying goodbye. It's sad leaving family and I think one of the saddest things is knowing that you don't know that you won't be seeing the people you're saying goodbye to for quite awhile and you don't know how much time you're missing with the people that love you. It's hard to feel like we're keeping you from your family that loves you so much. You'll be able to see both grandparents for your birthday, which will be great!!

One great thing you've started this month is being a cuddler! You now give hugs and kisses and like to hug your stuffed animals. You wrap your arms and hands around my neck. When laying on us, you will lightly squeeze parts of our body and you will wrap your fingers around us as well. The hugs and kisses are so great and were so worth the 10 months of waiting! I hope it continues and that you become even more of a cuddler. I will continue sucking it up. :)

You're the light of my life, Lachie.



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