Sunday, September 19, 2010

21 weeks preggo.

The baby is supposedly the size of a spaghetti squash (8 inches) this week and weighing in at about a pound! We had our monthly check-up on Friday. Things were well. Morgan was able to come to this appointment, so that was good. I gained a few pounds (up about 4 in the last month), blood pressure was good (110/80) and the baby's heart rate was 140. She said that I am measuring right on. She suggested that I use some ice on my back for my back pain. I am going to start using that tonight. I hope it helps! She said that because my lab work results were a little haywire with my first trimester screening, they want to do additional ultra sounds at 28 weeks and 32 weeks to measure growth since I am at higher risk for having a smaller baby. While I am not excited about knowing he may not grow as he should, I am excited to see him on ultrasound again and see how much has changed since 16 weeks. Looks like we will see him at 28 weeks, 30 weeks and again at 32 weeks. We're going to do the 3d/4d ultrasound at 30 weeks so we can see him moving around and see his little face. Other than that, the appointment was pretty uneventful.. they're so quick now. 

This week was pretty uneventful. Since feeling him last Tuesday, I feel him every single day, numerous times a day. In fact, he just kicked or punched about 10 seconds ago. On Thursday or Friday, I swear he did some sort of somersault because I felt a lot of pressure and movement in my lower abdomen. This evening we were watching football (go figure) and I said to Morgan that I wondered what the baby was doing because I hadn't felt him all day, seriously 5 seconds later, he kicked. Funny how that works. 

We went to a consignment sale this morning and bought some more clothes for him.  Morgan found some cute Packers jammies which will please his grandma and grandpa in Iowa.. probably uncle Jeremy as well! They're pretty cute.. cost more than I would've liked to spend on used jammies, but oh well. 

Im not sure if I posted about this or not but I think we are going to do a monster theme in the nursery. More like pop art looking Monsters, bold colors, thick lines, etc. At the last consignment sale I went to with Vanessa, I bought a monster and the idea has developed from that. I think Morgan will draw and paint/color in the monsters and we will either frame them or just use canvases

For the most part, I have been feeling pretty good. I have been pretty tired and still have consistent back pain, but other than that, I can't really complain. I did have a hormonal pregnancy moment the other day. I was cleaning and the cleaner had a little bleach in it (I know, probably not the safest for a pregnant momma, but I am loving the smell of bleach) and it spilled on my favorite maternity shirt and left bleach marks. I started crying but was laughing at the same time. It's just a bummer to not feel cute in many of your clothes, or not have many clothes that make you feel cute/or even fit anymore, and then to ruin one of them. That puts me down to like, 4 shirts that fit me, which is a little depressing. Also, I felt pretty nauseous this morning and was so sure I was going to throw up but ended up just heaving and gagging in the toilet. I spent most of the day on the couch and slept off and on. Much needed. 

Other than that, not much to report! Enjoy the picture of my 21 week belly and the Packers jammies

See you next week.

xo, mommy to be.


  1. Krista,
    I so love reading your weekly updates! I wish I would have done something like this! As you were talking about the baby moving, my little girl decided to twirl/flip/roll and nearly knocked my laptop to the ground! I can't wait for you to experience those movements, although at 32 weeks, they are beginning to be a lil painful at times! Stil totally cool to watch your stomach roll and squirm all "Alien" style though!
    I also wanted to comment that I am completely loving the smell of bleach too! I have been bleaching everything just to smell it! LOL Glad to know I'm not alone on that one!
    Hope you start feeling better!!