Monday, November 22, 2010

30 weeks preggo.

Well, we're 75% of the way through, baby.

Last Friday we had our appointment with the midwife. The appointment went pretty well. My blood pressure was a little high but I had a really stressful afternoon at work so I am thinking that is why. I was also running late to my appointment and started crying on the way to the appointment because a) my afternoon at work was horrible and b) I hate being late to appointments so I started to stress even more. The midwife assumed that my blood pressure was high for the same reasons I did. I hope that is it and that it's not a sign of things to come, aka preeclampsia. The baby's heartrate was in the 140s, so that is good. Bad news is that he has turned and is no longer head down! The little brat! He was doing so good with being in the right place. Hopefully he turns again.

Speaking of which, I had another episode of contractions on Thursday evening. I felt weird in class, couldnt get comfortable in my desk (by the way, I only have about an inch of growth before my belly won't fit into the desk anymore) and just felt weird pressure throughout my tummy. I got home and had some cramping and ended up having contractions, some being stronger than last time but still nothing too extreme. I drank some water and went to bed. I woke up the next morning with only slight contractions and mild cramping. It went away throughout the day, though. I am hoping we have awhile yet before we experience another contraction episode since we are headed for the road tomorrow evening. I'd really like an uneventful weekend!

We painted the nursery again. We painted last weekend and ended up with dark spots all over the walls. So, we got another batch of paint, this time with a primer in it and went to work. It looks really good now. I just want to get it finished, one less thing to worry about and overwhelm me. I hope to finish it the weekend after our shower.. which is coming up quick, less than two weeks away (totally crazy).

Stomach and stretch marks are still growing. I looked in the mirror tonight and commented on how much I hate them. Morgan says he doesn't even notice anymore.. I do. I have a constant reminder as they are starting to be somewhat painful and they constantly itch. I really need to start walking and start eating a little better. Once we get back from vacation I am going to hit the ground running (only, not literally) and walk a little more and eat a little better. That way, I can take out my last two months (hoping I make it that long) strong and healthy.

This last weekend I had a prenatal massage. It was really nice. The only downfall was the soreness I experienced afterwards. I think there was a major release of lactic acid. I am still feeling a little sore tonight. I plan on getting another one when we get back from Iowa.

Well, it is late and I have to get up early so I can get in and out of work early so I must sleep.

Wish us luck on our journey of 800 miles each way. Please be good to us, baby. We need this last trip together and to enjoy ourselves.

See you next week.

xo, mommy to be.

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  1. do you have to be pregnant to get a prenatal massage?