Sunday, November 7, 2010

28 weeks preggo.

Hello, again.

This week we had two appointments. On Wednesday, we had our growth scan to see how well he is growing. I was a little nervous since at our 3d scan he was saying that the baby was big/chubby/perhaps further along than I thought I was. Well, the scan went well! They predicted that he weighs 2pounds 7ounces, so basically 2.5lbs! Big boy! They can't predict how long he is since they curl up so much inside. But, according to what measurements they did, he falls in at the 41st percentile, which is great! Not only is he not a huge baby like the guy said at our ultrasound, but he is also growing properly and they were worried that he wouldn't. Hopefully he keeps it up so that at our 32 week growth scan, he is where he should be. My fluid levels were great and they said everything looked great! He was head down at the appointment with his butt near my navel on the right side.

On Friday we had our first real appointment with the new midwives. We both really, really liked the midwife that we met with. Her name was Anne and she was just great. She was so warm and just seemed to really take an interest in our lives, story and baby. We had to do the glucose test. Luckily I didn't have to fast during the day, I just couldn't have any sugar. So, we got there and I drank the orange drink they had, we had a one hour meet with the midwife and then they drew my blood. I was laying down on the table when they drew my blood and afterwards I felt a little dizzy. I told her that I felt a little dizzy and next thing I knew, I "woke up" on my side with cold washcloths on my forehead and neck. Morgan said they were talking to me and I was unresponsive and my lips turned blue and I lost all color in my face. Pretty crazy! I am hoping that this meant going into the test my blood sugar was a little low and after drinking the glucola, I had a huge spike and then drop in blood sugar level which made me go unconscious for 10 seconds. Im not sure that I would have passed out of my levels were high, but I guess we will see when I find out this week how I did on the test. I've never passed out from having my blood drawn before, so it was a little bizarre. The midwife told Morgan that he was going to be good at labor and delivery since he remained so calm! I know he'll be great. He's my rock.

Tomorrow I have to call to make my next appointment as well as all my remaining appointments. From here on out, I go every two weeks until about 36 weeks and then I go every week until 41 weeks. Hopefully I go in labor before 41 weeks, though! I am excited to get all of my appointments scheduled!! It's coming up quickly!

The great part of my appointment is that our midwife gave us the definite okay to drive to Iowa for Thanksgiving. It almost seemed like she was encouraging us to go. She just said that we need to stop every 2-3 hours to walk around and make sure that I drink a lot of water. That made me happy. I was scared that she would say no and I would be devastated.

We picked out a paint color today for the nursery. We bought a sample and painted a small section in the nursery. We are going to paint the rest tomorrow. I'd really like to get a move on the nursery so that we are prepared in the case that he decides to come early! Hopefully not too early, though. While I'd love the tax break of him coming before the end of the year, I know that it is best for him to bake until at least January 14th or so. But, I would prefer him to stay in there until he is due.

Physically and emotionally I have been pretty good. I have the same back and hip pain that I've been having the whole time but other than that, doing pretty well. I've been pretty well emotionally lately, which is great. I am concerned about post-partum depression but we will cross that bridge when we get there :) My midwife suggested that I start taking a calcium/magnesium supplement to help alleviate/prevent the leg cramps that I have been having. They're pretty horrible when I get them.

Other than that, not much new to report! Banana bread is baking and it sure does smell great :)

See you next week.

xo, mommy to be.

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