Tuesday, November 30, 2010

31 weeks preggo.

This last week has gone by fast. We left last Tuesday and headed off to Iowa to visit my family for Thanksgiving. We arrived on Wednesday and I enjoyed having time with both my immediate and extended family. We left to head back to Colorado on Sunday. We ended up driving the whole drive back in one shot on Sunday and arrived back home at 2am on Monday morning. I think overall between driving to and from Iowa, driving to Madison, Wi for black Friday shopping, driving to see my grandmother and driving to Thanksgiving dinner, we drove close to 2500 miles. On the way back, I didn't think that I was going to make it in one shot and while the last 2-3 hours were pretty close to miserable, it was really nice waking up later Monday morning in my own bed. We ran some errands and had our Bradley classes later on.

I had been feeling pretty crampy since Friday and it was hit or miss depending on the time of day. Yesterday afternoon I started feeling really uncomfortable; lots of tightening, some contractions, headaches and some mild pain in my lower abdomen. I had some contractions in the night last night that kept me from sleeping. I stayed home from work today and stayed in bed all day, not even with the TV on and while I am feeling a little better, I don't think I should be feeling this uncomfortable and tight in my stomach so I will be sure to address it on Friday. I still have a headache as well. I felt a little down after class last night because I am definitely feeling more uncomfortable than anyone else in my class and that is a bit of a bummer.

My mom arrives on Friday and we have the baby shower on Saturday. I am excited for the shower and excited to celebrate the life of our soon to be born son. Janine has put a lot of work into planning for it so I cant see all her effort in action! I will be sure to post pictures.

I can't believe that we have less than 8.5 weeks left assuming we go full term. I am a little mixed on whether or not I will go through till the end. Part of me thinks that I will go by the end of the year. Guess we shall see, eh?

I bought the baby's coming home outfit today while on bed rest. It is 0-3 months so I am afraid that it will be too big for him, but it is what it is. It comes with the outfit, hat and a blanket. I wish that it came in newborn size, but it is what it is! :)

While I feel like my stomach is just growing and growing and looking very big now, I was surprised that no one commented on how "big" I was while we were back in Iowa. None of my family has seen me pregnant, so it went from seeing me before I was pregnant and then at 31 weeks. Most people said that I was small and/or had a cute belly. That made me feel better as I was expecting to freak out telling me how big I was. We were at Michael's the other day buying stuff for the shower and the cashier asked when I was due and when I told her, she felt the need to tell me that I wouldn't be making it that long. Seriously, are manners not necessary when a woman is pregnant? Ah well :)

I am sleepy and don't have much more to update about. So, I will leave it here.. sorry for the boring update!

See you next week.

xo, mommy to be.


  1. You could always put a newborn outfit under the 0-3 coming home outfit so it fits a little better. It'll probably be freezing when you take him home anyway!

  2. I don't think anyone has manners when it comes to pregnant women! Between belly touches and unsolicated advice... people constantly told me I would go late- 3 days early- HA! ;)
    Just smile and nod.... soon you will have your baby boy and none of this will matter! :)
    I hope you get to feeling better soon!