Sunday, December 19, 2010

34 weeks preggo.

Not even two weeks ago, it seemed impossible that we would make it to 34 weeks and now we're at 34 weeks, 2 days! I am excited that we've made it to this point. We no longer need to worry about him needing steroids if he decides to come early and they would not worry enough to stop labor at this point. Very exciting and promising. About 30 weeks ago, we didn't even know if the pregnancy would stick, we had a 1 in 2 chance of miscarrying, 5 weeks ago we were in the hospital thinking that there was no way that we would stay pregnant for more than a couple weeks, and here we are, 34 weeks and still pregnant. We've beat the odds so far and I have a feeling that I will be updating my blog when I am 42 weeks pregnant talking about how I am getting induced because I've gone 2 weeks over my due date. Wouldn't that be something.. but at this point, with our history, it wouldn't be surprising!

We had an ultrasound this past week on Thursday to measure growth. Unfortunately Morgan wasn't able to make it so I went alone. This was my first ultrasound at University and it was much more of a pleasant experience than my previous ultrasounds at Rose. Not that they were bad at Rose, but they this last one was just that great. She was very thorough and took her time with the ultrasound. At the end, she did some pictures in 3d which was a real treat. He has definitely filled out more since 27 weeks when we had our last 3d ultrasound. He is a big boy. He weighed in at an approximate 5 pounds, 5 ounces. This was so reassuring for me. If he does decide to come early, he is likely at a good weight already. Granted, I'd prefer to have like a 7 pound baby, but close to 5.5 is better than 3 or 4. :)

Here are some of his stats from the ultrasound:

Head circumference: 37 weeks, 1 day (yikes!)

Abdominal circumference: 34 weeks, 2 days

Femur length: 33 weeks, 3 days

Humerus length: 32 weeks, 1 day

Average ultrasound age: 35 weeks, 1 day

Estimated fetal weight: 2408 gm

Fetal weight percentile: 55%

So anyway, you can do the math. He is approximately 5lb5oz now and he is supposed to gain about .5 pounds until delivery.. if we make it full term, he is going to be a big boy!

I found out at the appointment that the baby is breech. What we've been thinking is his head down near my left hip bone is actually his butt and what we thought was his butt near my right ribs, is his head. This was a bit of a bummer to find out. I met with the midwife on Friday for my normal appointment and she gave me some ideas of how I can turn him. I am also going to ask our Bradley teacher tomorrow what I can do. The midwife said that if he is still breech at my next appointment (36 weeks), they will schedule me for an external version, which is where they turn his body with their hands from outside of my belly. I am nervous for that and would prefer not to have one, but I want a c-section even less, so I think that I will be willing to try it to see if it works.. but I will worry about it more on December 28 at my appointment. Everything else throughout our pregnancy that had a potential bad outcome ended up having a positive outcome so I am trying not to stress about it. We can worry about his positioning later. The only thing that worries me is that I am still having contractions and if we go into labor before he turns, that is an emergency c-section.

My new thing is acid reflux. It is HORRIBLE. I think that at points it is the worst side effect of pregnancy that I have experienced yet. I've been waking up in the middle of the night with what feels like 150 degree sewage in my throat. I am thinking and wondering if maybe that is what made me throw up last week since I have had it consistently since then. During the day, chewing gum and sucking in peppermints really helps but obviously I cannot do that while sleeping, so I wake up with it. I asked on Friday if there was anything that I could take to help it.. she recommended an over the counter so I took that last night and didn't wake up with acid - success!

So yeah, I've still been having contractions and my level of comfort is definitely decreasing. Some days I feel like I cannot walk, others I feel like I could walk a couple miles. It really does depend on the day, but overall, I am declining pretty quick. To be honest, when I am feeling at my worst, 6 weeks seems too long and I tell myself that once I reach about 36.5-37 weeks, I am going to start walking and walking to have him come. I am kind of hoping for a 01/11/11 baby, which would be 37 weeks and 4 days. But, he will come when he is ready and that is okay with me. If going an extra few weeks means that he will be healthier, then so be it!

We have our last Bradley class tomorrow. I am kind of excited for it to be over with. School ended for me as of this evening (submitted my last paper of the semester, YES!) and with these classes ending as well, I will have less on my plate to stress me out. I am hoping to get out my thank you notes to my shower by xmas time. That is stressing me out as well. Its already been 2 weeks so I feel like I need to get them out as soon as possible. It's just been hard with not feeling well, school ending, etc. If not, I will get them done next weekend while on Christmas break.

I think that is about it. Next time I post, Christmas will be over. I can't believe that it is almost that time again, where has the year gone?! I am excited to share my last Christmas with Morgan and our animals and enjoy the moment. But, I am excited for next year as well when we have our first Christmas with the little one. I wish it would snow.. I am not really keen on the whole idea of having 50-60 degree weather on Christmas day.. I like it to be snowy and cold, the way it is supposed to be!

See you next week.

xo, mommy to be.


  1. So excited for you guys to expand your little family! You should aim for January 7th. That's my birthday. Either way you're going to have a Capricorn, which is awesome. I can't wait to see pictures of the little one!

  2. AW! Great baby picture! He's going to be an incredible little guy! <3 <3 <3