Sunday, October 10, 2010

24 weeks preggo.

We're moving on up, baby! Or well, you're moving on up. This week I felt you kick in places other than the lower left side of my abdomen. I felt movement up near my navel and near my sides. We also were both able to see you moving from the outside. Last night we sat there for a little while watching alien like movements from the inside out. While a little creepy, it is pretty remarkable! The movements are also a lot stronger, they almost feel like shocks through my whole abdomen rather than a little pokey poke here and there. Sometimes the movements are still light but some of them are like, holy moly! You're supposedly the size of an eggplant this week, measuring in at 9 inches and weighing in just shy of 2lbs at 1.7lbs.

This last week was a little rough for me.. mostly this weekend. I've been pretty emotional and moody and unable to snap out of it. I struggled some through the week as well but this weekend seemed to be especially hard for me. I felt like crying a lot but never did. Perhaps it would've helped to let it out. My appetite seems to increase by the day, seems like my stomach is a bottomless pit, you little parasite, you!

This coming week we have our hospital tour and I have my monthly check-up with the midwife. Hopefully I've gained a healthy amount of weight, not too little, not too much. A week from tomorrow we start our Bradley Method classes, which I am both excited and not so excited about. Not so excited that I will miss my Monday Night Football and also because with school two nights a week, I thoroughly enjoy my nights of relaxation and this will take from that. But, I am excited to learn and prepare for my *hopefully* unmedicated birthing experience!

We had our first round of cool weather this weekend. It rained today and was rather nice. I am so excited about this beautiful weather. There is something so comforting about going out in public and seeing people in boots, scarves and jackets! I am so glad to be out of the 80 and 90 degree weather that Denver seemed to be stuck on. We went to go see a movie on Friday night called life as we know it. I swear, 50% of the people in the room were pregnant! I cried, of course.

That's about it for updating. Hopefully I will have some updating to do after our hospital tour and appointment on Friday. We scheduled our 3d ultrasound for October 30th (day before our 6th wedding anniversary!), so I am really looking forward to that :)

See you next week.

xo, mommy to be.


  1. LOVE reading your blogs!! You describe everything so perfectly, and bring stuff up that I forget about! It's also really awesome how we are going through so many similar feelings and emotions, yet they are so different sometimes through the eyes of a first time mom!! I think reaching number three has made me take some of it for granted... you are helping remind me how amazing it all is!! So thank you!!! :)
    *You also reminded me that I am due in 33 days and forgot all about our hospital tour! Hahaha

  2. Thanks :D I am glad you enjoy reading it!!

    OMG. 33 days!?!?! Cant wait to see pictures of your little one! I feel like I know so many people that are pregnant and they're all coming close to their due date or having their babies. This, in itself, makes me want to poop my pants, making me realize that my time is coming, haha! :)

    I feel like Morgan and I take this whole pregnancy forgranted. I tell him all the time that we're not going to be pregnant forever so we need to document it and cherish it, as it's going to be gone before we know it. I can't believe that I am only a couple weeks out from my last trimester. Where has time gone!?

  3. I think that you writing this blog is an awesome way of taking this seriously, and catching the little stuff. I'm sure writing these forces you to really reflect upon the weeks and what has or hasn't happened. I am a little sad that I didn't really pay attention to the miracle of this baby like I paid attention to the annoyances... I would try to start now, but I am just too uncomfortable!! Haha!