Sunday, January 2, 2011

36 weeks preggo.

Hello January and hello 2011!! Most likely, we will have a baby before this month comes to a close.

Today marks the 36 week and 2 day mark. On Friday I will be considered full term which is such an accomplishment for this pregnancy. For awhile I really thought that he would be a 2010 baby but it looks like we will get our 2011 baby after all! I won't lie, I was kind of hoping for a new years eve baby, but more than that, I would've rather a full term baby, which it looks like we will get.

We had an appointment on Wednesday. Actually, my appointment was supposed to be on Tuesday but I totally spaced it thinking my appointment was on Wednesday. Luckily they were able to get me in the next day. It was important that I was seen because we had to determine whether or not a version was necessary due to him being breech.

Well, she examined my belly with her hands and said that she wasn't sure whether or not he was head down but that she was pretty sure that he was and wanted to do an ultrasound to confirm. Before doing the ultrasound, she did the strep B test, which came back negative which I am happy about as I won't have to worry about antibiotics being given through an IV during labor as I am hoping to not have an IV during labor. Also during my strep B test, being shes was down there and all, she checked to see if I was dilated at all. She said that her finger went straight through my cervix and that I was 1cm dilated, which really, means nothing. I told her that I understood that I could be 0cm and go into labor that night, or I could be 3cm and stay that way for a few weeks or longer! But, it was somewhat reassuring that I am starting to dilate.

But, the greatest news is that he turned! He is no longer breech, so unless he turns before labor, I have less chance of needing a c-section. Obviously anything can happen during labor to create the situation where I would need one, but if he were breech and did not turn, it would be 100% c-section. So, we were both very relieved and excited. When she was showing us his head, Morgan asked her if she could tell us whether or not he was smart which I totally thought was funny and she did as well, so I am glad she has the same humor as us. I do have to admit that I am pretty nervous that he will turn again before labor. But, I'll do my best to remain optimistic. :)

Today we went to The Giggling Green Bean, which is a baby store that specializes in cloth diapers. I didn't go with the intention of buying anything but we left with 24 prefolds and 4 covers/wraps. She explained how while it's a great idea to use the one size diapers, the diapers can be a little big or bulky during the first few months and its best to just use the prefolds at the start for a little while. Another bonus is that prefolds are cheaper! They were only $2 each, buying 24 only put us at $48 for 24 "diapers" which will have us doing the laundry every 2 days or so. We bought the covers as well, 2 being one size so they will fit him (hopefully) until he potty trains with larger prefolds. I really love the all in one diapers, or the pocket diapers, but who knows, maybe we will grow to love prefolds, I know of a lot of moms who do.

I have our hospital bag packed and the baby's bag packed for the most part. I need to buy a couple nursing bras, but other than that, we should be good to go. Morgan is likely going to stay at home with the animals the night that I am in the hospital and we are only a 15 minute drive away, so he can go back and pick up things as we need them or if we forgot them.

Tonight we introduced a baby to the dogs. We borrowed a baby doll from Janine and Jeff for our Bradley class and we were practicing cloth diapering on him tonight. We put the baby in the bumbo and neither of the dogs reacted very well. Sammy was clawing at his face and pulling him by the clothes to pull him out of the bumbo. We were doing something and looked over and Sammy was humping the baby in the Bumbo and while we shouldn't have, I about peed my pants from laughing. Frankie has always been really hyper and excited (think possessive with kids) so I knew he wouldn't react well. We've been carrying the baby around all night and Frankie gets a little upset and really wants to protect the baby. I think until the baby comes, we are going to play house with this doll and hope Frankie gets used to it. To be honest, he is the only one that I am really worried about (and I won't lie, it stresses me out). While I know Sammy will be curious, I think more than anything he will be scared of the baby and will go about his own thing. As well, I know that Sammy may get a little jealous because he is a momma's boy. But Frankie, he is a little possessive and hyper. I think and predict that the first week is going to be really stressful with having a new baby home and trying to get Frankie not to eat the baby, or just freak out in general. However, even just after one evening of having the baby with me everywhere I go, he has improved a little bit. I think it will help. I hope it does.. the animals are our babies, too. I posted a picture above of Frankie with his new friend.

Morgan installed the base of the car seat into his car which was easier than either of us had thought it would be. It was definitely weird putting the car seat in there knowing that we would be bringing a baby home in it before we know it. Also weird was doing the first load of baby laundry to pack his hospital bag. Folding 12 pairs of little mini socks was weird!

I've been feeling OK. Still have my on and off days physically, mentally and emotionally. On Thursday night, I had about an hour of consistent contractions which were the most painful that I've had yet. However, after an hour or so, they went away and I haven't had any similar episodes since. I get them here and there, still feel crampy and tight as a bowling ball, but those are all things I've been experiencing since about 29 weeks. Work is getting rough as well. I am sooo exhausted after an 8 hour work day and was lucky to have the last 2 weeks be short weeks with only 4 weeks. To be honest, I don't know how much longer I am going to be able to put in 5 days a week. I am just so sore and over it by Wednesday. Guess we'll see what happens. I should be thankful that I do not have to be on my feet all day.. mad props to those preggos that are.

Well, I think that is about it for this week. If the baby is ready, I am hoping for a 01/11/11 baby (hey, have I mentioned that once or twice before!?), so yes, if he is ready and healthy, I'll be hoping for a baby 9 days from now. But, if he wants to come late, that is OK, too (ask me again at 41.5 weeks!)

See you next week.

xo, mommy to be.


  1. reading about the dogs with the baby about made me piss MY pants. I worry sometimes about Roxy will react when I have a baby...she is a true doxie with a real distaste for kids.
    you are in the home stretch mama!!
    xo, gen

  2. Our dogs reacted more to the sound of the baby than to his presence. Shiva howled when ever he cried, for like 3 days. Brodie still howls when Grey cries.