Sunday, July 11, 2010

11 weeks preggo.

I guess technically I am in my 12th week, but I am 11 weeks pregnant, if that makes any sense. Two weeks from today and I will be in my second trimester (and also my 29th birthday!). This week, baby should be the size of a plum, or about 2.5 inches.

Things were pretty good this week. I had a rough patch where I was really emotional on Monday evening and on Tuesday but felt a million times better on Wednesday. All day Tuesday I was left feeling that there was no way I could go the next 6 months feeling this way and was hoping that it wasn't a new stage of pregnancy that I was reaching. I did spot brown all week and still am a little bit, but trying not to worry about and am keeping my fingers crossed that it means my sch is resolving. I have an ultrasound on July 23 for my NT scan and other measurements. It will be what is supposed to be my first ultrasound but due to my ER visits and bleeding, it will actually be my 5th!

I had my routine check-up with the midwives on Friday. They did my physical and pap. The pap was painful, moreso than pre-pregnancy, but not too bad. It may also just be relative to the fact that I haven't had menstrual cramps in a couple months so the pain tolerance goes down! The appointment went well until they went to check the heartbeat with the doppler. I was really hoping to be able to hear it because everyone says that it will be a lot more real for you once you hear that little racing heartbeat. Well, they couldn't find it through the doppler after about 10 minutes. She said she wanted to do an ultrasound just to make sure everything was okay since she couldn't find the baby. So, she brought in the ultrasound machine and put it on the belly, and sure enough, the peanut was there and moving like it was at a disco. She said that the baby was doing somersaults and asked if I could tell. To be honest, all I could see was a little white blob moving back and forth. The heartbeat was about 160-170, so still fairly high. She and the other midwife in the room said that they think they know what it is, asked if I wanted to know, of course I did, so they told me... but I am not going to share that news :) Obviously it's still early so it's really only like a 50/50 chance at this point, but, the fact that the both of them agreed, seems somewhat promising to me.

The last time I went to the midwife clinic I was a little disappointed with the midwife I had. So far, I have seen 4 midwives and have loved 3 of them. I guess 3/4 isn't bad. I am hopeful that I like the majority and end up with one that I like when they go to catch the baby.

As far as changes this week, I haven't noticed much other than having more frequent headaches (I think it's the lack of water I've had this weekend) and a little more dizzy than normal. And of course, as mentioned before, I've been having the brown spotting, which is new. I do think that my appetite is increasing and it takes more food for me to feel full than previously. Hopefully I don't start packing on the pounds! :)

As far as my appointment on the 23rd, I am thinking that if my sch hasn't resolved itself or is just increasing in size, I may ask if I should be referred to a perinatologist. Obviously I have my hopes and dreams of what my labor will be like, but the most important thing is for the baby to make it to that point. So, I suppose we will see what happens. I am hoping that we get the 3d/4d pictures at that scan, but I suppose we will see what happens!

Not too sure that there will be much to report next week (hoping it's not an eventful week, anyway), but I will be sure to update. Hopefully I will have some great pictures in 2 weeks after my appointment.

See you next week.

xo, mommy to be.

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