Monday, July 19, 2010

12 weeks preggo.

Like I stated in my last blog, I didnt think that there would be much to update about this week. This last week was pretty uneventful. We've been getting ready to move next month and I am finishing up the semester. Next week is my last week at school so it is crunch time. I will only have 3 classes left after this semester.

I think that I am starting to pop a little bit and am showing. In the morning, I feel like I am showing a lot less than I do in the evenings. My clothes are a lot tighter right before bed than in the morning! I think a lot of it is bloat, but its a pretty crazy difference.

I had my labwork done at my last appointment and it's been a little over a week since it was done. I was so sure that everything mustve been fine. Well, today I got a call from the clinic and they wanted me to return their call. So, it turns out that I am a carrier for cystic fibrosis which can be passed on to the baby. So, from here, Morgan has to be tested to see if he is a carrier. If it turns out he is a carrier, then our baby has a 1 in 4 chance of having cystic fibrosis which would be the worst case scenario. If he is not a carrier, we do not have to worry about the baby getting it. From what I read, it breaks down like this if Morgan is indeed a carrier:

- 1 in 4 chance of baby having cystic fibrosis
- 1 in 4 chance of baby not having cystic fibrosis and not being a carrier
- 2 in 4 chance of baby being a carrier of cystic fibrosis but wouldnt have it (like me)

I spent a good 45 minutes crying in my office today when they called and while I am still struggling to deal with the news, I will love our baby all the same and it is out of my hands at this point. I just need to keep on trucking.

So, Morgan goes tomorrow to get his lab work done. We probably won't know until towards the end of the week. We also have our 13 week scan this Friday which is our down syndrome test.
So, hopefully next time I write I will have good news both from Morgan's labwork and our ultrasound.

Till then,

See you next week,

xo mommy to be.

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  1. All the best with school and those tests, Krista!