Tuesday, July 6, 2010

10 weeks preggo: the emotions.

I've been spotting brown since Saturday. My back really hurts and I am starting to cramp. I just really wish I could have a "normal" pregnancy. Every single time I go to the bathroom I freak out and think "this is it, I am going to be bleeding heavily."

I had a dream last night we had a baby girl. She came out with black hair and was like 6 months old at birth. That's the second dream I've had. Last time, the baby came out and was able to walk and was a boy.

The emotions are definitely starting. I feel SO emotional. I just want to cry at everything. I am very homesick and would give anything to be near family right now. It's lonely being 800 miles away from the nearest family.

Signing off so I can get some shut eye and clear my thoughts.


  1. My mother spotted for the first three months.

    Hey! Lots of love!


  2. You guys seem like you're doing really well. We're thinking about you up north!