Tuesday, August 31, 2010

18 weeks preggo.

Hello readers, are any of you out there?

There's not much to report this week. Maybe the bills that are piling in? Its stressful because I wasn't aware that insurance wasn't going to cover some of my blood work we had done with the testing, specifically, the cystic fibrosis testing. That alone is about $400, and then we have two ER visit bills. BAH! Oh well, its all worth it, right??

We're still settling in the new house. Morgan cleaned out the old house tonight and got a little emotional over leaving. He messaged me saying that he was spending time in each room thinking back about the memories we created in the house. He texted me while I was in advanced stats and told me, of course, being pregnant, I cried!

I am having a little difficulty in dealing with getting bigger. I think all women do, some just keep it hush. Or so, that is what I will keep telling myself. I mean really, what woman wants to get huge? While I am not showing a ton, I am definitely starting to pop, more so at night than in the morning, I wonder when that will stop and I will be the same size all day long?

I bought some clothes for the baby this weekend. I should probably stop and save the money for medical bills! :)

I've really been missing having family near lately. Really, this is nothing new for me, but it paints a whole new picture when you're pregnant and picture your labor and delivery and don't see any of your family there and only a few visitors. I just really hope I don't get too emotional over that when I am delivering. Guess I'll just need to deal with it, eh?

Overall though, I have been feeling really good and have been happy. I think its normal to feel the emotions I am feeling. I told my mom today that if my stomach wasn't growing, I would probably forget that I am pregnant because I've been feeling really good. However, on that note, I have been having excruciating back/hip/butt pain. Its all in my left butt cheek/hip. Sometimes my leg literally locks up and I can't move it forward or backward. It's frustrating. I know that I just need to exercise and stretch it out, but hey, I am lazy. I am going to prenatal yoga this weekend with Vanessa. I hope its as relaxed as it was with Annie. Guess I shall see! It will be nice to get out with fellow preggos.

I'm still calling the baby an "it" rather than he. I am still a little weirded out calling the baby by name, even if we're decided on a name, it still feels weird. I'm sure it will change for me. I am anxiously awaiting being able to feel the baby move, more so on the outside so Morgan can feel and feel like he is more involved and a part of the pregnancy as well.

On a totally unrelated note, I just heard the Viking's horn in the background on a good play and all I can think about is how excited I am for football.

Not much else to report.. sorry the blogging has been boring lately!

See you next week.

xo, mommy to be.


  1. You blogging isn't boring! I think you deserve a more relaxing pregnancy anyway. Lots of love!


  2. I hear that! My pregnancy was high risk and in the end cost 13,000 dollars because insurance didnt cover my pregnancy.